We derive our identity from the centuries-old popular expression “Angel’s Share”.

A term used to explain the phenomenon where spirits kept in barrels for ageing became lesser with each passing year. While it was simple evaporation, in the olden days it was believed that the Angel’s took their share from these barrels as an offering for heaven in exchange for keeping the elixirs of good times safe… Likewise, we’ve flown across the globe to taste these carefully brewed nectars from hundreds of barrels and are now bringing the best ones home with us.

The founding team has a wealth of experience in Marketing, Brand-building, imports, Sales & distribution and logistics, making us the preferred choice by international brands looking to enter the Indian Market.

We are Anggel’s Share

Anggels’ Share is an Indian import company, focused on curating a portfolio of high-quality spirits and wines from all over the world..